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Glasshouse Scent Scene Duo - Starter Pack

Glasshouse Scent Scene Duo - Starter Pack

An innovative (and incredibly potent) liquidless diffuser. This set features two scents — Lost in Amalfi & Kyoto in Bloom.

Why have one scent stick when you can enjoy two! The Scent Scene™ Duo includes two individually packaged Scent Stems™ fragrances: Kyoto in Bloom Camellia & Lotus and Lost in Amalfi Sea Mist. Place your Scent Stems™ into the metal vessel. Make sure it's placed on a flat surface away from open windows or vents. After approximately 30 days, swap out the Scent Stems™ for your next scent!

The Kyoto in Bloom Scent Stem™ with its Light White Florals, warm, sensual Amber and sweet Vanilla scent will remind you of The Zen Temple of Golden Pavillion and cherry blossom on a spring day.

The Lost in Amalfi Scent Stem™ has an invigorating effect. You’ll love the fresh breezy Freesia, Lavender, Lime and Moss scent, which blend to remind you of a gentle, fun day by the sea.

There are seven gorgeous replacement Scent Stem™ fragrances to choose from, which you can purchase separately. We suggest replacing your Scent Stems™ every 30 days to refresh your fragrance or to increase their strength. After 30 days the Scent Stems™ can be recycled with other paper products.

What are the notes of the Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom Scent Stems™?
Top Notes: Fresh lime, Bergamot, Citrus
Middle Notes: Camellia and Lotus
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

What are the notes of the Glasshouse Lost in Amalfi Scent Stems™?
Top Notes: Freesia, Thyme and Tarragon
Middle Notes: Lavender and Moss
Base Notes: Musk and Patchouli


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