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Natural Inner Beauty

Kiki Health is dedicated to sharing the life-changing benefits of natural vitamins and minerals from pure superfoods. It’s vital to support our bodies, especially in an age where we are time-poor, over-worked and under-rested, and where natural foods aren’t always as nutrient-rich as they once were. Kiki Health aspires to promote optimum health and wellbeing with high-quality plant-based nutrients including superfood powders, digestive health, essential fatty acids, probiotics, marine collagen, protein and more.

Exclusively from Nature

This comprehensive collection of powders, oils and capsules are based on an overall power to cleanse, detoxify, heal and nourish, with a passion in sourcing only the highest quality from around the world. All Kiki Health ingredients are meticulously chosen and ethically processed to preserve and maximise their beneficial and powerful elements, ensuring unsurpassed bioavailability. By ensuring purity, raw ingredients (without heat or preserving processes) and high potency, the nutritional content is kept as near to the original fruit or plant as possible, therefore retaining its full potential.

Premium and Sustainable Sources

Each one of Kiki Health’s raw ingredients are carefully selected from where they grow best in the world naturally and organically (without pesticides), with minimal to no environmental contaminations. For example, Spirulina and Turmeric are sourced from independent farms on the remote countryside of India, Acai powder from the Amazon rainforest,  Krill Oil is sourced sustainably from Antarctica, Magnesium from the Zechstein Seabed near the Netherlands and Marine Collagen from a responsible MSC certified fishery off the coast of France. With a focus on responsibility, Kiki works with farmers, environments and packaging to ensure the supply is sustainable.