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Aspect Skincare Inclinic Treatments

Aspect Inclinic Treatments

Triple Action Peel - 30 minutes (Includes free Observ Skin Analysis)


A resurfacing peel targeted at fine lines, wrinkles, dull, rough and lacklustre textured skins. Containing retinoid mimicking lana blue, latic acid and niacinamide that work synergistically on the deeper layers of the skin to deliver spectacular results.  For this treatment, skin must be prepped with homecare for a minimum of 2 weeks prior. Your skin specialist will advise you on the best prescription for your treatment plan. For optimum results a course of  6 treatments is recommended.
Lactobotanical Peel - 30 minutes (Includes free Observ Skin Analysis)
Harnessing the power of Lactic Acid to give the skin a hydration boost and visibly enhance the appearance of the skin whilst targeting fine lines and wrinkles. A course of 6 treatments 2 weekly apart is recommended for best results.
Free Consultations are available for all treatments Phone 096308042