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Glasshouse Arabian Nights Diffuser 250ml

Glasshouse Arabian Nights Diffuser 250ml

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The allure of flickering light in an elegant room, the scent of a night spice market on the breeze. Glasshouse Arabian Nights Diffuser combines oud with saffron, white rose and amber for an enchanting, sophisticated aroma.

Warm and woody, Glasshouse Arabian Nights Diffuser has top notes of the rare wood oud, the "liquid gold" of the perfume industry; a prized perfume ingredient in Europe and the middle East for centuries. Rare and treasured saffron notes balance out the scent, enchanting the senses.

Perfect for when you can’t light a candle but still want to fill your home with scent, Glasshouse diffusers leave behind complex, generous fragrances that last for up to three months.

What are the notes in Glasshouse Arabian Nights Diffuser?

  • Head: Saffron. Olibanum.
  • Heart: White Rose. Jasmine.
  • Base: Oud (Agarwood). Sandalwood. Amber.

        What sets Glasshouse diffusers apart?

        • Ideal flameless alternative to candles 
        • Lasts up to three months 
        • Formulated with high quality fragrance and reeds 
        • Adjust fragrance level by turning reeds more or less frequently 
        • No parabens, silicones or PEGs 
        • Vegan and cruelty-free 
        • Made in Australia 
        • 250ml
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