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Henna Brows


Henna Brows

 It is amazing how simply enhancing your brows can make such a huge difference in framing your face. It can take the years off and even frames the eyes better, portraying a youthful appearance. Another positive is there is one less thing to do in the mornings! How great would it be to wake up with amazing brows!

 What is Henna Brows?

Henna brows is a great alternative to eyebrow tinting! Henna originated from India and the Middle East and has taken over the beauty world for an alternative to brow tinting. For those who refrain from eyebrow tinting because it contains peroxide oxidant you may then want to consider Henna. Henna is 99.5 % natural and is a natural approach for those to want their brows treated without the nasty chemicals or are not quite ready for brow tattooing.

Henna not only stains the hair but also the skin. Great if you have sparse hairs and looking for a treatment to fill in gaps or to reshape your brows. It also strengthens the hairs to grow back stronger!

Depending on the skin type, the colour can last up to a week or two on the skin and around 4 to 6 weeks on the hairs. It is great for all skin types, all ages and a non-invasive, non-permanent solution for every 4 to 6 weekly treatment for a special occasion. We will create the look for you if you are looking for a subtle natural look or a bold look. We can customize it to suit you!

Especially during Covid and the mandatory mask wearing a lot more people are focusing their beauty needs on the upper half of their face. At Exquisite we include a free eyebrow shape with every Henna treatment. We are ready to transform your brows. Take the time to treat your eyebrows to a bit of ‘brow-time:)

Contact us to make an appointment 096308042

$65 including free eyebrow shape!

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