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Facial Veins


The benefits of Laser Vein treatments combined with Laser Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Looking in the mirror and seeing those unsightly spider veins?

 Spider veins also known as its medical term ‘Telangiectasia’. They are the result from damaged small superficial vessels in the skin. They appear as thin purple, red, or blue lines and are most often found on the legs but may also occur elsewhere, particularly the face. They do not cause any harm on the face, but due to cosmetic reasons people get them treated. The causes of spider veins are from common factors such as genetics, pregnancy, rosacea, age, hormones, excess pressure on the face and sun damage.

How are they treated? The Cutera CoolGlide is the most effective, non-invasive treatment for spider veins. Its long wavelength delivers pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface, where it should be. 1- 4 treatments are required and depends on the number, colour and size of the vessels being treated. They are spaced out every 6 weeks and reassessed between each session.

Rosacea or Diffuse redness is most commonly associated with spider veins. Laser Genesis treatment will improve the longevity of the veins treatments as additional heat is generated to the dilated capillaries to reduce redness and strengthen the barrier of the skin. The gentle heat of the laser penetrates into the upper dermis layer of the skin to stimulate collagen and thicken the epidermis of the skin. Therefore also improving texture, lines and wrinkles and enlarged pores. It is recommended after treating the veins to have monthly sessions of Laser Genesis as your vein and skin care maintenance treatment plan. Laser Genesis Treatments are excellent for all skin tones and even better there is no down-time! These two treatments combined together in a treatment plan are the gold standard in optimal results for facial veins for men and women.

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