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Exquisite Laser Clinic - Laser & Skin Technician - Joanna - Lockdown Update - Exquisite Laser Clinic

Exquisite Laser Clinic - Laser & Skin Technician - Joanna - Lockdown Update



Laser & Skin Technician at Exquisite Laser Clinic

I graduated in 2006 from the Beauty Therapy College of Camille in Auckland.

I had always known I wanted to be in the service sector by helping others. Once I graduated out of high school I had thought nursing was my future career and went on to UNITEC to do Bachelor or Nursing, before deciding after a year that my interest in the beauty industry was what I wanted to pursue. My career started as a beauty therapist working on an American cruise line and from there I worked in various skin clinics in Auckland, London and Dubai.

I took all that I learnt and came back home where now I have been a part of Exquisite Clinic for over a year! Time flies!!

 What I love about my job?

I have strong passion and interest working with the skin and I love the training involved in the industry where I am constantly learning new things. Working with the skin can be challenging, but the rewards outweigh it all when boosting someone’s self-confidence. I love meeting people from different walks of life and helping them achieve their skincare goals.

 What I love working in Exquisite Laser Clinic?

I love the clientele and the positive vibes from the team. We take our work seriously but we know how to have a few good laughs! (Which we believe keeps us youthful) :)  

Working well together as a team is important for us to achieve results and this = happy clients:)

 Lockdown isn’t easy on everyone, and for those undergoing a skincare journey and missing out on skin appointments we are here if you need a phone or email consultation for advice on your skin. In the meantime for those that want to add in DIY treatments to your weekly routine I can suggest a few options to keep your skin maintained at home.

 Hang in there everyone we are still delivering skincare products and carrying out virtual consultations during Level 4 and 3


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