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Xcell Medical Skin care Starter Pack

Xcell Medical Skin care Starter Pack

4 key products at a great price!

Harmony Cleanser - A gentle cleanser and makeup remover
A practical, gentle, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-free cleanser that does more than just cleanse. This mild agent removes surface debris such as excess oil and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural hydration.

Iconic A Plus - Advanced Vitamin A Serum
This supercharged serum is formulated with high strength antiaging, skin protecting and repairing ingredients. The most important being patented Iconic A® (stabilised retinaldehyde) in increased potency. This advanced serum also contains unique stem cell cultures that promote the natural regeneration of the skin. 

Alive - A dynamic serum that removes surface dryness increases cellular turnover and hydrates the skin
An exfoliator like no other! Enhances skin texture by increasing cell turnover and regeneration. Intense hydration properties help trap the skin’s natural moisture and sebum content to give you a soft and youthful complexion.

Saturate - Vitamin B5 Complex – Protecting against collagen degradation and moisture loss
This Superior moisturiser is a luxurious, essential fatty acid-rich formulation with potent nourishing, protective and skin-supporting ingredients. It was created to revitalise stressed and environmentally damaged skin. Protects against collagen degradation, barrier dysfunction, and the development of oversensitivity within the skin. Certified organic Hyaluronic Acid traps hydration into the skin to create a beautiful, youthful appearance!