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Locako - Keto Gift box

Locako - Keto Gift box - Limited Time Only


  • 1 x Locako Peanut Butter Mousse
  • 1 x Chocolate Gummies
  • 3 x Brownie Bite Beauty Bar 
  • 1 x Monk Fruit Sweetener

Chocolate Peanut Butter- Collagen Mousse

Locako's Chocolate Mousse make an at-home delicious chocolate treat that will leave you guilt free and help your skin glow.


- Skin Health

- Gut Health

- Aids Digestive System

- Benefits gastrointestinal tract.

- Good Source Protein and Dietary Collagen

- Tasty lunch snack for kids

- Dairy Free

- Gluten Free

- No Added Sugar

- Keto

 What you need

1. 400g Coconut Cream 

2. Saucepan

3. Bowls or Ramekins 

Locako Chocolate Gummies

  • Locako's Chocolate Gummies make a delicious chocolate treat that will leave you guilt free and may help your skin glow.

Locako Beauty Collagen Brownie Bite 

Locako’s Beauty Collagen Brownie Bites loaded with beautifying ingredients from Hyaluronic Acid, Bamboo silica, Schisandra and Vitamin C and anti oxidants. 

Our delicious Brownie Bites are also packed full of healthy fats and pre/probiotics. 

Pre/probiotics - Beauty - keto friendly - low carb - gluten free 

Locako Monk Fruit Sweetener

Locako’s Natural Monk Fruit and Erythritol blend is the perfect sweetener for the keto and low carb diet and an amazing substitute for sugar. Monk fruit is extracted from natural monk fruit called Lo Han Guo, and has absolutely no impact on our blood glucose levels nor does it have a nasty aftertaste.

Our Monk Fruit Blend is perfect for

- Keto

- Low Carb

- Paleo

- Vegan

- All Natural Diets

- Baking

- Sweet Treats

- Tea and Coffee


Erythitol, Monk Fruit extract 


For more options for: keto / Lo carb / gluten free etc we can highly recommend