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Aspect Blue A + B + C = FREE Pigment Punch Body Cream

Aspect Blue - A + B + C = Free Pigment Punch Body Cream

Exclusive Kit - Limited Time Only


1 x Retinol Brulee 30ml

1 x Extreme B 17 30ml

1 x Extreme C 20 30ml

= FREE 1 x Pigment Punch Body Cream **NEW* 118ml


Aspect Retinol Brulee

Please note that Aspect Retinol Brulee has been reformulated and is now much stronger. We recommend reducing frequency of use in order to introduce the new formula to your skin.
Transform your complexion as you sleep with this refining night face serum from Aspect. Retinol Brulee enhances your skin’s natural rejuvenation process overnight to refine, exfoliate, firm, brighten, and protect your skin. The powerful treatment uses key ingredients such as Retinyl Palmitate Complex 0.5% and a Retinol Molecular Film to accelerate skin cell turnover and allow for other beauty products such as night creams and facial oils to work more effectively.

 What are the key benefits of Aspect Retinol Brulee?

  • Powerful night serum that works to refine, exfoliate, firm, brighten, and protect skin 
  • Assists in the deeper and more effective delivery of nutrients to skin 
  • Provides additional antioxidant protection 
  • Helps to clear congestion, pigmentation, and breakouts 
  • Reduces the signs of premature aging 
  • AHA-free 
  • Suitable for all skin types, except for sensitive skin 

Extreme B 17

A powerhouse serum formulated with B vitamins to help prevent dehydration, even out skin tone and balance excess oil. Skin appears plump and more youthful.

•  Hydrating
•  Brightening
•  Mattifying
•  Detoxifying
•  Antioxidant protection

Extreme C 20

A powerful antioxidant serum containing Vitamin C and peptides to help promote skin elasticity and illuminate appearance.

•  Calming
•  Antioxidant
•  Brightening
•  Hydrating
•  Reduces Flushing

Aspect - Pigment Punch Body - "NEW PRODUCT"

This luxurious, multi-functional body cream works to combat the visible appearance of discolouration, balance uneven skin tone and deliver intense hydration.

 Suitable for all skin types, Pigment Punch Body is ideal for use on décolletage, the back of hands and areas of the body that show the visible signs of ageing.

 Reveal radiant, even looking skin with Pigment Punch Body!


 Tyrostat-11™ (Rumex Occidentalis and L-Ascorbic Acid)

A powerful complex to help illuminate and even out skin tone.

 Bellides™ (Daisy Flower Extract)

Helps to illuminate appearance of skin.

 Lactic Acid A hydrating AHA that smooths skin texture.

 Shea Butter To deliver and lock in moisture for intense hydration and smooth skin.


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