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Ilcsi Organic Skincare

Ilcsi products are made of certified Hungarian organic vegetables, fruits and herbs and contain in certain cases some additional thermal water.

These thoroughly picked, more than 100 different kinds of plants, that we use for our products, have been grown on our own Hungarian plantations, controlled by Hungaria Ökogarancia or harvested wild, or, in some cases, bought from controlled organic farms.

We process the plants with great care and get them to the production facility as quickly as we can after harvesting them.


Thanks to the gentle production process developed by Aunt Ilcsi the precious active ingredients of these plants remain in the jars. This outstandingly high concentration of active ingredients is what makes these cosmetics special, as they contain the power of living active ingredients rather than herbal extracts.


  • Only those high quality, safe to use products are given this certificate which had been manufactured according to the strictest organic and natural standards.


BDIH, a German based association working together with leading natural cosmetics producers, developed comprehensive guidelines for certified natural cosmetics. BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics logo therefore always indicates that the certain product complies with the strict guidelines of BDIH and guarantees that it is a natural, reliable cosmetic product.

Therefore Ilcsi products do not contain paraben, paraffin oil, vaseline, synthetic colorings, synthetic thickening agents and no glycerin of animal origin.